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Please direct inquiries to .

We are transfering to a new mail server, some service breaks are inevitable.  Watch this space for more info shortly.

We can no longer service e-mails for the domains and  If your email address has one of those, we can probably give you an e-mail address with the same name for you but ending in "". We regret this, but the owners of those domains retained them when they sold the business to us and now have let them lapse.  Again, we regret this inconvenience!

 The "Account tools" and "Online Payments" are not working for all users.. We are working on it.

All dial up users should be able to log on with no issue.

If you can't get to your email, please call, or leave a message clearly listing your email address and password, and we will have it working as fast as we can get to it. If  you have your own domain, your server will be ""  rather than our domain or an IP address. Ports for email setup for your computer are:

SMTP:  25 or 2525     POP3: 110

If you have a website problem give us the domain name and we will check it out.

If you leave a message, please leave a name and number for call back.

We strongly suggest you change your DNS settings to, and, not or

USAWide provides Internet access, spam and virus filtered e-mail, tech support, no busy signals, web mail, pop3 mail and friendly service for one low price.

CALL 888-872-0358 for all reasons

After initial term, service continues until cancelled by customer. Customer agrees to standard terms and conditions regarding e-mail, spam and quality service practices. Credit card, bank draft or prepayment required.

E-Mail Tip: If you can't download e-mail to your computer, use our WEB MAIL before calling for help. On this page, click Web Mail (here). Delete any message too big to download or check your quarantine. You can also send and receive mail. If you see no messages in Webmail, all have been downloaded to your computer from our server.
Payment Tip: Click on the Account Tools Button located on the right hand side of this page. Enter your registration number (it is on your e-mailed or snail mailed statement) and account password. Click on Account Payment and the then the GO Button (at the bottom of the page), then Credit Card or Electronic Check Payment button, and continue.

If your account is suspended due to late payment, call for a free 10 day extension, which will instantly allow you on line. Then make your own payment with instant credit to your Internet account! Or, you can mail in a check.

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